Super Saturday Tournament 2017 won by Bristol Braves

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Tournament 2017


Members of four Basketball teams (some with worse hangovers than others) took to the freshly-laid court at The Park in Knowle (Bristol) to play a 4-game tournament on Sat 30th September.

Without the time for all teams to play each other, organisers improvised to create a league table, which sort of nearly kinda worked almost as well as a proper tournament schedule...

Teams took to the court over 2 x 15min halves for each game. Noteable moments were some excellent sharp-shooting and teamplay from Team Monday, and a very close final game between Team Tuesday and Hawks. Great standard of play all-round.

The final results as follows:

  • 1st - Bristol Braves - 6pts
  • 2nd - Lazyboys Monday - 4pts (winning 2nd on goal difference)
  • 3rd - Lazyboys Tuesday - 4pts
  • 4th - Hawks - 2pts*

Well done to all teams and players who took part. Special thanks to ex-Lazyboy Sal, and James/Matt from Braves for supporting Jim in the organisey bit. Big thanks to new Lazyboy Ben for doing the scores too.

In terms of results, it's fair to say that through the brilliant coaching of Guy and Shaun, Lazyboys are now a very different team to 2 or 3 years ago, where we lost every game guaranteed. This just goes to show the importance of persistence, team-play, and regular practice.

At Lazyboys we've effectively turned a bunch of couch-locked layabouts into a team who can compete at a decent level...recewnt results are testament to that!!

*Hawks get 0 points on the scale which measures ability to turn up to the evening social on time ;)