Lazyboys are supporting #CityofSport17 !!

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Lazyboys are pleased to announce their involvement as part of European City of Sport 2017 - in the great city of Bristol! We've teamed up with scores of other organisations across the city; in pure grassroots style this is all being organised with virtually no money!
We are pleased that in recent years, sports development has become much more focussed on community health, and far less on producing elite athletes. Finally it seems as though policy is following the facts: sport is integral to wellbeing and community health.
This is what Lazyboys Basketball has always been about: providing the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful game to improve physical and mental health.
As part of European City of Sport we encourage ballers of all kinds to come and have 3 FREE SESSIONS on us before you commit to a membership (discounts given for students and those in hardship). More details can be found on the Bristol City of Sport website, or just 'Contact Us' here and get in touch!
In the meantime, let's celebrate the city of BRISTOL as EUROPEAN CITY OF SPORT 2017!!!!!!
Use Hashtag: #CityofSport17
Use handle: @CityofSport17