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We want to raise £7,000 in order to refurbish and upgrade our facilities at The Park community Centre in Knowle, to benefit the whole community.


Our aim:

We want to raise £7,000 in order to refurbish and upgrade our facilities at The Park community Centre in Knowle (a registered charity). The benefits of safer and improved facilities will not only benefit our members, but also many other community groups who use these facilities. We are passionate about enabling positive change in people's lives through sport.

Our vision:

Lazyboys Team

The £7,000 will allow us to:

  • Upgrade our two main basketball hoops and backboards to top quality, extendable locking, spring loaded, regulation standard basketball hoops. These will be safer, more durable, easier to use, and more fun to play with!
  • Install an electronic multi-sports scoreboard into the sports hall which will enable the venue to be used for casual and competitive games. This will transform the venue and make it much more attractive to use for basketball, badminton, netball, football and any other sport which requires you to keeps core!
  • Buy new kit for the team and support local businesses through sponsorship (see our "Michael Jordan", "culinary dunker" and "Phil Jackson" packages on the Fundsurfer page)

Lazyboys Team

"Lazyboys is an excellent community for people like me. Full time, stressed out professionals juggling work, family, money and everything else on top. The club's ethos is that even under these circumstances, your health is important, and sport can still be accessed...So glad this club exists."

Why it matters:

Public Health England's Everybody Active Everyday framework[1] states that around 50% of women and 33% of men are damaging their health as a result of physical inactivity, costing the UK economy an estimated £7bn a year. Our club has tapped into a social demographic of adults, many of whom would otherwise be risking their health through lack of physical activity. The branding, product and philosophy of Lazyboys therefore has enormous potential to facilitate better health outcomes and change people's lives.

Lazyboys Team

"At 35, I thought my days of playing Basketball were over. I’d searched long and hard for a local team but the level of competitiveness (and skill!) was just too the Lazyboys model works for me perfectly. As a Type 2 Diabetic, exercise is a huge part of my control regime, and Lazyboys is an affordable and accessible way to remain active and healthy."

Why should I give some cash?

Lazyboys provides the only opportunity for people above 18 to play entry to intermediate level basketball in a fun and inclusive environment where improving health and achieving your goals is a genuine priority. We are proud to have taken the club from a hairbrain idea to a thriving social enterprise over the past 3 years completely independently. Sport England and Basketball England sadly allocate no cash to support clubs like ours, with the overwhelming majority of funding going to youth projects. We think that funders are missing a trick here, and desperately need your help in order to spread this message: inactivity is bad for your health and costs the NHS money...prevention is better than cure!

Lazyboys Team

We also want to give something back as a means of thanks for your support - check out our awesome range of packages and donate today!