Looking to play basketball in Bristol?


We are now known as Bristol Benchwarmers. If you're still looking to play basketball in Bristol head over to our new website

Bristol Benchwarmers Basketball Club

Maybe you used to shoot hoops at school but fell out of practice… since then you’ve acquired a beer belly and a mortgage?

Perhaps you always wanted to play basketball but couldn’t work out the rules…maybe you just need an excuse for something to do on a Monday or Tuesday Evening?

If any of this sounds familiar it’s time to come and train with Bristol’s least serious sporting outfit: Lazyboys Basketball Club.

From the couch... to the court we aim to get you back into playing Basketball in Bristol as soon as possible! We offer two different training days along with a mixed session on Sunday, all with at least one coach to keep your skills up to scratch in a fun, inclusive environment. Your first 3 sessions are free, and then the monthly membership is quick to set up and considerably cheaper than any gym you'll find (we'll even throw in a free t-shirt)!

If you are interested in coming to a session please get in touch via our Contact Us page first and we'll give you all the details you need.